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Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) is a student organization of Virginia Commonwealth University with roots in the non-denominational Christian Church/Church of Christ.  CSF has grown from a handful of students to an exciting community of college students who desire to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of whomever God places in our path. CSF exists to foster student’s connection with Christ, the Church and their community. We want to see students to understand the depths of God’s love for them, grow and thrive in discipleship relationships, and connect them to serving and loving the communities around them.



GROUP NIGHT: We come together Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm at the Webb Center in the Norfolk Room.

SMALL GROUP: Our small groups are a relaxing setting to develop a deeper relationship with God and other students. These meet at Perry Library on days throughout the week.




Meet the team!


Tyler Jackson

Campus Minister

My name is Tyler Jackson and I'm from Northern Virginia. I studied Biology/Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University where I was pulled back into my faith through a campus ministry called CSF. It is now my pleasure to be serving as a campus minister on CSF's team down at Old Dominion University. I enjoy hanging out with my super adorable pup and listening to audiobooks as we walk.


Crystal McCarthy

Campus Minister

Crystal McCarthy grew up in Northeastern North Carolina. She is a graduate of Mid Atlantic University where she studied theology and counseling. She has a passion for learning people's stories and using her own to reach people for Christ! She is married to and ministers with the love of her life Chris McCarthy. Together they have three amazing...and amazingly different from each other...daughters; Jillian, Chloe and Molly.


Josh Northrop

Campus Ministry Intern

Josh is from Woodbridge in Northern Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Tech studying Political Science. He was a part of a campus ministry there that we partner with. Prior to campus ministry, he felt completely in the dark and without a relationship with Jesus. In those three years he rekindled his faith and fell in love with following Jesus. He loves to learn how to walk in the footsteps that Jesus took throughout his ministry and to be an example for others to follow, which he is fulfilling by being the campus ministry Intern at CSF-ODU. When he's not working, Josh loves reading books, playing video games, and hanging out with friends.



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