Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Part 1

Read verses 1-11

vv.1-2 Remember the original Hebrew definition of meaningless. Here is a link to some of the important terms in Ecclesiastes just in case you need to re-read them.

vv.3-7 Notice the cycle of life OR the mundane attribute of work and day to day activity. Solomon says its meaningless because you end up right back where you started. It’s somewhat like the irony of a hospital…on one floor someone is dying while on another floor a baby is being born.

V. 8- This verse is the climax of this eleven verse poem and it says that enough is never enough. Meaning that while running on the treadmill of life you can run all day and never really get anywhere.

  • If your pursuit is wealth…there will never be enough money in your bank account.
  • If a healthy body…you’ll never be fit enough.
  • If a clean house…it simply gets dirty a couple of days later.

vv.9-11 In this section Solomon recognizes some of the places a human would turn to bring meaning and purpose. New situations: so when things aren’t going so great at your job…move companies. New trinkets: for a short period of time that new piece of technology will pacify you from reality. Being Remembered: making our life mean something or doing great things.

Please keep in mind that we are journeying with Solomon as he searches out what brings meaning/satisfaction to life. In this chapter he is laying out for us things that don’t bring satisfaction. A huge point to recognize is that Solomon is searching for things that are “under the sun.” Our meaning in life can only be found in God who is above the sun.

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