Terms in Ecclesiastes


  • Meaningless or Vanity- the original Hebrew word is like a vapor or puff of smoke. It seems solid and real but when reaching out it vanishes into thin air.
  • Under the Sun/Under the Heavens- here on earth where all of us humans live. The reason why we see these phrases many time in Ecclesiastes is that purpose or satisfaction can’t be found here but only in a pursuit of something outside of our reality.
  • Chasing after the wind- a human’s pursuit of meaning, success or satisfaction that is always alluding us or can never fully be reached on this earth.
  • Lord- the name that Solomon uses for God throughout this book is interesting…He always uses the name of God that points to God being the Master or God being more ultimate than any circumstance. 

I think before you jump into Ecclesiastes you should know that we have a major advantage over Solomon…JESUS. Solomon longed for a time when God’s love would become fully known through the Messiah. Today, you can live under the grace of God that comes only through Jesus. Find your meaning in Him.

Justin MayComment